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Combinations for travel and settlements


  1.  9th lord , his placement in chara rasis
  2.  placement of rahu in 12th house and chara rasis.
  3. placement of 7th lord of distant travels in  chara rasis andespecially in bhagya and labha sthanas.
  4. placement of 4th lord in 12th , 12th lord in 12th is a good  indicator for foreign travel.
  5. the role of 8th house should also be considered as it is a hidden
  6. 10th lord in 3rd house
  7. Malefics in fourth from lagna/pada lagna
  8. Moon in 3rd house, 10th house
  9. Venus in 3rd house
  10. 3rd signifies short travels
  11. 7th and 9th long distance travels
  12. 8th travels for medical purposes



Combinations for medicine

       > > There are a number of combinations for medical
> profession. but i
> > > would be giving a few of them.
> > >
> > >
> > > 1) association of venus with the 10th or 4th
> house.
> > > 2) the 10th lord in the navamsa of sun.
> > > 3) association of venus with 4th lord or 10th
> lord.
> > > 4) association of saturn with venus and or 10th
> house.
> > > 5) the assocaition of 6th and 8th lords in rasi.
> > > 6) all the above combinations are to be reckoned
> from the lagna,
> > sun
> > > and the moon sign. and also the navamsa.



Viparita Raja yoga


The principles of the VRY are as follows:


1. Two dusthana planet conjoing in a dusthana. The precondition of a strong VYR of this nature is that the lords should be weak. When this happen the significations of the dusthana suffer and the native gains from it. This mostly happens with the down fall of some of the native's enemies. Moreover the relations indicated by the planets naisargika and chara karakatwa also suffer when the native gains from the VRY. Here consider 3rd house also as  dusthana besides 6/8/12.


2. Two dusthana lords strongly placed in a kendra (or trikona) and no other planet conjoin them (in such case there will be transfer of power to the third planet, whereby the karakatwa of the third planet will gain). Here the planets involved should be strongly placed unlike the 1st principle. In this case if the atmakaraka or the lagna has association with VR Yogakaraka, the native will himself gained otherwise the native will rise with rise of others.


3. If the Karaka of duthanas, Saturn is placed in a dusthana-weak ( or kendra - strong) as a yogakaraka (Taurus, Libra Lagna).



Divisional CHARTS

The divisional charts are the finer layers of the person's
There are five kosas of a human being according to Shankaracharya

 a) Annamaya Kosa(gross body)
 b) Pranamaya Kosa(vital body)
 c) Manomaya Kosa(mental body)
 d) Vignanamaya Kosa(the intelligence body)
e) Anandamaya Kosa(the bliss sheath)

The higher divisional charts show the impressions formed and carried due to the various past life karmas. These impressions if not detected, would repeat again and again. A person divorcing his
 wife > > > in past life may get the problem again, if he does not burn away the past karma.

All the rules applicable to Rasi chart are applicable to Divisional charts.

Jupiter-moon yoga in a divisional chart is as valid as in rasi chart.
When you see a person, you are actually seeing the gross body. You are not looking at his aura, the four other bodies, the subtle impressions that he is carrying. Thus any yoga that is there in
subtle bodies is bound to give its effects.


Sarvartha chintamani, and to some extent Phala deepika i guess have
good information on divisional charts. Even saravali has some.

The basis of divisionals has to be understood first. What is the deeper significance of divisions, is it just to divide the rasi chart
 in various parts, put planets in different rasis??, what exactly is  the basis of divisions then.

There are four goals of a jeeva's life, Dharma , artha , kama ,moksha. This four fold path has to be understood. All the divisional charts are founded on this basic template.

d-16 is the chart of luxuries and sukha, now what is the basis of d- 16. If you divide 16/12 rasis, you get a remainder of 4. Thus 4th house is the basis of shodasamsa.

For d-24, 12th house is the basis, and for vimsamsa(d-20) 8th house is the basis.

4th house, 8th and 12th house are the foundations for moksha, they are the moksha sthanas.

3.2 degrees is a mathematical output of the division that we perform on a rasi by 9. Now why 9?, 9 shows our guru, our tradition, the parampara, the higher guidance, it also shows the fortune. So
Divisional charts at physical planes such as navamsa show fortune and talents that are easily manfiested. But when you go to Nakshatramsa d-27 whose basis is also 9, you are not talking about talents alone, you are also talking about the finer psychological aspects of strenghts and weaknesses of a person, his motivations, and his depressions etc.



The divisions have to be understood in terms of nakshatra padas rather than rasis.
b) All the moon, jupiter and ketu nakshatra padas would fall in aries, taurus, mithuna and karka navamsas.
c) All the venus, saturn and mars nakshatra padas would fall in leo,kanya, thula and vrischika navamsas.
d) All the sun, rahu and budha nakshatra padas would fall in sagi, capricorn, aquarius and pisces navamsas

What could be the reason, is it because , ketu(governer of kundalini shakti and ashtottari dasa also), Jupiter, moon show the conception, birth and nurturing, what do saturn, venus and mars do, they give stability, marriage and power and action respectively
What do SUn, rahu and mercury do, they help in realsing one's potential through  learning.introspection that leads to knowledge of shiva.

Ketu represents ganesh who worships on yellow square near mooladhara, moon represents the caring and jupiter the birth of sound, Yagna, the mantropadesa etc.

Venus-mars-saturn rule the swadhisthana, manipura and the anahata chakra, thus the middle part of the life, or rather the incomplete journey

Sun represents the sahasrara, rahu represents the point above the sahasrara or the ultravoilet, and mercury represents the return to innocence-mooladhara.

There are 108 padas of 27 nakshatras, 27 nakshatras are distributed in such a fashion that each zodiac gets 9 nakshatra padas. 9-represents the total number of planets, it is a divine number and it has deep metaphysical and spiritual significance.



Moola dasa works nicely when the D-60 chart is analysed. The reason is d-60 shows our previous samskaras and bondages that can affect the present lifetime.

When you are looking at rasi chart you are looking at the body alone, but when you are looking at the subtler divisions you are looking "deep into" the body.

There are many problems and patterns that keep repeating themselves again and again in our lifetimes. The best remedy for this is to "identify those patterns" and remove the blockages and bondages through meditation. Astrology can be extremely useful in "finding the root causes". D-60 chart would be very useful in finding the positive talents carried from past lives, and also the negative patterns that we must overcome. The entire science of astrology will take a radical
turn once we understand what Krishna said in Gita. "One who concentrates on agya chakra, destroys all the past , and becomes the knower of the three worlds(three planes, three dimensions, past, present and future, Brahma, vishnu and shiva).


Say there is a curse of Brahmin(jupiter). If jupiter is in a fixed sign in navamsa then overcoming such a curse is very difficult, in dual signs mantras will help, and in moveable signs service is enough to brahmin(feeding etc). Now if Jupiter is retrograde then the overcoming of curse is quite
difficult. But if say the same jupiter is below 180 degree difference from sun, the retrogression is already on wane. Now say some other planet like saturn is retrograde and say he is in the 9th house from sun. Then that means sun will take some time to reach the 180 degree mark to oppose saturn, and this difference will show how many years the effects of retrogression would be there.


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