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Strange cases

Water disaster Mumbai
There was no doubt that there were going to be water disasters in western part of India during the 2005 transit of Saturn in cancer, aspected by the malefic Mars.
I saw a dream in April that there were thousands of buffaloes floating dead on the railway tracks. I was stunned. I didnot understand the meaning of the dream.

But few months later, the Bombay tragedy happened, and scores of buffaloes died(Saturn rules Buffaloes, especially when saturn is in cancer). Cancer also rules cows, as the lord Moon rules over milk.

The news can be seen from the following source
Guessing Birthdays
Once i was travelling by bus, when i encountered a stranger with whom i stuck a casual conversation. I saw his face and felt that this guy must be born on november 14th because he had some of those scorpion features.
I believed in face reading those days. After a few minutes, i blurted, "is your birthday on November 14th?" looking astonished, he replied "Yes, ofcourse, how did you know?", well, i was too dazed and surprised myself.
After a month, i tried this trick with another guy. Now this guy looked a bit like my cousin, who was born in september. I asked him if he was born on september 18th, and lo! he replied yes to it. After that incident, i stopped guessing people's birth dates.
London Bombings
last year (2005) i was having a casual conversation with my friend over net. He asked me if the coming mars transit over aries would impact US in anyway.
I somewhere read that UK is aries(which ofcourse it is not), and proceeded to predict that it is UK which will have trouble from some strange problems.
There could be violence, or something of that sort.
Exactly after a month, london bombings took place. I concluded that the saturn aspect from cancer(a mushy sign, saturn rules west, cancer rules north) over Mars in aries(Aries rules royal countries, so UK could be a possible candidate). Though i have so far not been explain it with a decent logic, this came true.

Prasna related to Venus
Once a friend brought me his aquaintance for a consultation.
As soon as he came, i asked him a number between 1 to 108. He gave the number 6.

I opened the horary chart, and found Scorpio rising. The number 6 denotes venus , and i saw that venus was retrograde in 7th house. I asked whether he was thinking about marriage, for which he replied in affirmative.
Venus was also with two other planets, i asked him if there were other competitors, to which he replied again positively.
I predicted that it might be a difficult battle to win, and ultimately, he couldnot get his dream girl. The reason was a retro venus, which effectively rules out any chance of success.
Incidentally, when i casted his natal chart, i found that he was Scorpio Rising!!, and three planets were in lagna!
Short Story Match Fixing
Short story case
the first experience of intuition happened in the year 1999. I wrote a short story, whose principal charecter was Sugwekar, a cricketer who was the captain of Indian Team. Well as with any short story, this was purely fictional. However, the hypothesis that i make in the story was very unusual during those days.
I proposed that Sugwekar purposely threw away the match in the end, as he recieved some money from bookmakers. It was a funny story, with strange charecters.

But it was not funny when after a year i found the Hansie Cronje, Mohammad Azharuddin and Salim Malik implicated in matchfixing.
This was a surprise for me, but i dismissed my short story as mere "coincidence".
Toofan Express Disaster
I had strange dreams during last year. In March, i had a dream that a train was burning, and corpses were falling from the roof of the train. It was extremely disturbing for me to see such dreams. But, i was not giving it much attention.
Exactly a month later, there was this toofan express disaster that took place in the State of bengal In India. Luckily, no one died, but the picture which i saw was very much same given in the below link.
Venus Cafe and Love affair
Once i was chatting with my friend. He told me that he had an issue to resolve. I was sitting in venus cafe, and asked him if the issue was related to love. To which he replied in affirmative.
Then i overheard a conversation, in which someone was referring to some Sanjay. I asked him, if the girl's name starts with S, to which he again replied in positive
I asked him if the girl was older to him. He replied in affirmative. By that time i had casted the horary chart, and saw saturn in 11th house in cancer. I saw that Rahu, venus were in 8th house, Seeing the karaka in 8th with rahu, i told him, that it will be difficult to get the girl.
As it turned out, it didnot materialise.
Cricket world Cup
I was having a discussion with my colleage, who was saying that India would win the 2003 cricket world cup.
I said,"Yes you are right, provided Australia doesnot come into the finals, and it is not a sunday".
I used a simple logic, India is ruled by Taurus, and sun is not a great friend of India's lord Venus.Incidentally, it was a sunday when India met Australia, and India lost. Australia i contend have a strong sun and mercury streak amongst them.

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