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Prasna-how to use nimittas
Prasna is a wonderful tool in astrology, as it unravels the moment that is present now. It connects all the moments with amazing synchronicity.
Few cases would illustrate the point
1. Train incident
I was once going in train to Puri, when i overheard a discussion. The discussion was about a murder that took place in a nearby town, and the person murdered was a student Two policemen were discussing this.
Then at the next stop a elederly policeman came and sat before me.I saw that the name of the station was DUSI. My mind immediately calculated the Katapayadi number for DUSI and it was 6 which corresponds to the Zodiac Sign Virgo. The lord of virgo is mercury who was with sun at that time(on January 6th 2004). It was afternoon around 12:30 to 1 Pm if i remember well.
Then the policeman asked me who i was, i told him that i am an astrologer going to attend the conference at Puri. He was excited and asked me a question about his daughter. The question was when shall she get married.She is Bharani nakshatra moon star girl.

I asked him if he got a promotion when she was born-he said yes
I predicted that she will get married in the current sun dasa itself mostly in moon antardasa.Then he asked a question about his son, the son was Dhanu rasi(Poorvashada?). He asked whether he would improve in studies, i said Yes.
Now see the events
a) Dusi-6- virgo
b) lord of Virgo-mercury
c) Two policeman discussing about a student-mercury
d) Sun was with mercury in dhanu rasi that day
e) As i guessed that the rising sign was Aries was correct(later i checked in my computer)
f) Lord of Aries was mars(police), and both the kids were fire signs
g) Since two planets are in 9th from prasna lagna,(improvement in fortune)
h) Rahu was in prasna lagna(murder etc was heard).
All were connected in a flash of a second.

The next case was when i was chatting with an individual in a internet cafe.
 The name of the Cafe was Venus infotech
He said to me that he has a question in his mind
I asked him if it was related to Venus. He said yes, it was related to a girl whom he wanted to propose.Then i overheard a conversation where two guys were talking about some Sanjay.
I asked him if the girl's name started with S. He said yes.
Then i asked him if she was older to him(as Sani was hora lord sitting in 10th). This time i had the chart in front of my eyes.
Then i said it is not possible for him to succeed as Venus was in 8th with Rahu.(later this prediction came right).