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What is the use of past life regression?

Past life regression if done by an expert guide can open new vistas for the embodied soul.
Past is dead, past is gone, but past cannot be buried. Many a times, whenever we encounter painful situations, we control our emotions, and not allow it to be expressed fully.
These emotions become part of the memory , and are hidden away in the subconscious. Most of our irrational fears are nothing but unexpressed emotions in some past life.
The fear that past may repeat again, makes people bury their emotions. But by burying they are not realising that they are making it  more of a volcano ready to burst anytime.
The society has conditioned us to behave like adults, when at heart we are kids. Education kills our creativity, and doesnot allow children to be what they are.
So many earthly lives we lead, only to realise that ultimately we need not have to listen to anyone except our heart. When the heart wants to enjoy the rain, go enjoy dammit, dont think of "what others think", doing otherwise makes us more lonely and fearful.
Now coming to the main topic, past life regression helps us to "remove old blockages", and helps us start living our lives more fully. It need not be taken as a trip of ego, as many do when they peep into their past.
It is the only way to remove our past bondages and get rid of monkeys from the back.