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Basics of zodiac signs

There are many layers to Jyotish study, that trying to understand them all is an impossible task.
However, some basics should be understood before starting on the journey.
There are 12 Rasis and are based on Sun, Sun is the overlord of all the rasis. As we know that the 12 rasis are each 30 degrees, and sun also takes 30 days to travel from one sign to another sign.
The zodiac is an interplay of light. Thus Sun and moon are the chief governing planets. All other planets are just recieving the light.
If you try to remember all zodiac signs, the nakshatras etc you may take a long time. There are so many things to remember!
however, if you use a simple approach of structuring the learning, then it is easy to remember.
Sun and Moon lord leo and Cancer respectively. Now using the analogy of light and shadow, we can see that Aquarius(Opposite Leo) and Capricorn(opposite Cancer) are lorded by the saturn.
The advisor is always the one who is in harmony with the brain and mind. Sun rules the brain, moon rules the mind. Thus Jupiter signs which are sagittarius and pisces are in fifth and ninth from leo and cancer respectively.
Mercury is the messenger. Thus his signs are closest to the luminaries sun and moon signs. Virgo is close to leo, and Gemini in close to cancer.
Venusian signs are attractive to the sun and moon, but can cause downfall also. 3rd rules animal instincts, thus taurus(11th from cancer, or 3rd if reckoned in reverse) and Libra(3rd from Sun in direct order) are the fall signs.
Mars is the Commander in cheif and provides support to the king and queen. Thus Aries and Scorpio act as the support(4th house is support, vishnu sthana) to these signs respectively.
I will write more on other aspects soon.

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