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The Unknown World/Realm/Plane

What we see is only 25% of the universe. The rest is beyond our normal senses, and can be deciphered by sheer penance and meditation.
The unkown realm is wondrous, luminous, exciting, reverberating with sounds and sights all so unfamiliary. The Unknown realm also has demonic and fearful images, all created by our own consciousness, and the collective consciousness.
We live in the 3 dimensional world of linear reality, and assume that this is the only reaility, and the only world. However, dig deeper into your own self, you may find joys that are beyond description. However, the unknown world is not something that is only for the fanciful minds. It has a great practical reality. You can use the energies of the unknown to manifest a reaility in the known. You can use the ever changing energies, to create physical results in this world.
Thought, intent, concentration, purpose are very important to do this.

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