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Consciousness creates realities.
The ultimate truth is not a reality. Reality itself implies that "it is with respect to an individual" and not necessarily with respect to others. When more than one individual experiences the same reality, the energy is added and could be called as group consciousness.
The idea is not new, but many have not yet realised in this world that everything that happens around us is nothing but a "manifestation" of a seed thought. How many times have we not heard that two scientists working in two ends of the globe get the same thought, and do the same experiment and claim originality?
Consciousness creates realities. There are places where "miracles" have been observed. That individual who agrees to such a consciousness experiences it, but who doesnot agree to the consciousness doesnot see it.

Nothing can happen in this universe without mutual agreement. Even the killing and henious murders are committed with the soul' agreement prior to the birth. Each and every event is planned and executed according to the soul's wish. But if the Soul wants to change the plan midway due to self realisation, then it chooses another reality. And that is the story of many a saints and self realised souls.
Consciousness creates realities. Each event, from minor cold to earthquakes, to tsunamis, to national disasters are nothing but "conscioussness created".
When lots of people think about disasters, watch disaster movies, talk about disasters, disasters are bound to happen. Some overzealous predictors think that it is because of their "insight" that they could predict the disaster, but the truth is that their thought was the seed thought of the greatest crimes and disasters that can ever happen or happened on earth.
What is HITLER if not a thought. He is just a normal individual. But many individuals agreed to his philosophies blindly, and sad realities like Autwicz were created. Everything happens because of thinking and willing in this universe, nothing is a coincidence, nothing is an accident.

Even the so called natural disasters like Tsunamis are effected by group consciousness. Tamil Nadu is not a "Tsunami" prone region. But constant thinking of disasters, and watching movies like comets hitting the earth, tidal waves has created this reality. It is hard to fathom this, but this is the truth. If people dont believe it now, they will do so may be after more realisation.
My words will not have an effect, till the individuals themselves realise this great truth that everything happens due to thinking. Like thought attracts like thought, like energy attracts like energy, like conciousness attract like consciousnesss. This becomes mass  consciousnes, the collective consciousness.
History and news channels are the biggest criminals on earth today. Media is run by bunch of idiots and criminals. They dont understand that by carrying messages of violence they are not doing any good to mass consciousness.
Every day we are filled with stories of violence. What about good deeds, helping deeds. Why not such news makes headlines. Why is our history books replete with wars, violence and disasters. Why this obsession with self destruction. When will the earthlings wake up?