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Varga Charts pratical experiences

Quite a number of scholarly texts lay emphasis on vargas. When we do a katapayadi numerology for varga we get the number 10. There could be a hint that 10 vargas are very important, or it could be a key to open the door of Kaala(time),
There are various viewpoints to the same event and situation. No two viewpoints can be the same as they are exactly that, viewpoints!
I have used vargas quite a number of times. Though i have studied vargas from various texts, i use navamsa, drekkana and dasamsa more than other vargas.
Navamsa can be used to understand the natural dharma as well as karma of a person. Generally dasamsa is used for career matters. But i use Navamsa also as many people follow the dharma laid down by environmental influences like parents and teachers and skills.
Navamsa gets a higher weightage than dasamsa thus it can be used well for predicting career.
I also used navamsa in Prasna charts and it has given fairly good results in arriving at the conclusion. I am just a novice and so i dont know much about the other varga charts except the knowledge of the books.

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