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Arudha lagna is not an illussionary point in the space. Neither does Arudha show any illussions.

Recent research and writings have somehow conveyed such a thought, even if unintended. My studies have shown that Arudha lagna is supposed to be used just like any other lagna, and it is more important than lagna itself in many cases.

A good arudha can completely alter the picture. To have nice cars, or nice properties is no way an illussion. Only arudha lagna can show the real tangible things available to a person. Then why did the misconception come around that aurdha lagna is an illussion?

Well , Arudha lagna shows how people percieve you based on what you have. Now this message somehow has been lost in the maze. Same with all arudhas. One may have a tangible , physical gun in one's hand. This may send an image of a violent or an aggressive person to the society and we are talking about the perception of what the person is having and not what the person is having in the hand. That is illussion, and not the object itself.

The planets in 2nd and 8th from Arudha lagna are important as far as sustenance and health of Arudha lagna goes.

Benefic planets in arudha lagna can give good resources, but if malefics are present in 2nd and 8th from Arudha lagna, then health may suffer during the dasa of the planets concerned. Rahu for example is not at all good in 2nd or 8th from Arudha lagna.

Planets in trikonas are good, 9th is considered quite good, as such a planet would protect the person.

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