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What is Intuition?

Does knowledge have a purpose? Yes, for sure it does.
Without knowledge many of our daily "routine" activities cannot be performed. For example, knowledge of the sun rise, sun set , helps to define time, and hence can be used to prepare watches. This helps a person to reach office on time, be at various places on time.
But is life all about routine activities. What about moments which are new, which erupt or come suddenly in life. New situations, people, places, what one can do then.
Many people use knowledge to encounter or deal with the situation, whereas the requirement is that of Intuition or heart center.
For example, you meet a German stranger in your city for the first time. The mind which is a very clever device, starts thinking, "Ok, now this guy is a german, so he must be very methodical, germans are very methodical, they are serious types, they dont love life etc etc" and all kinds of stereotypes start emerging before your eyes.
The point is that Knowledge is blind. It cannot "See". The brain has a purpose, knowledge has a purpose, but they are extremely limited. They are useful for routine mechanical activities. Now even writing this piece i have to use words, which i "learnt" in the past. That is IT.
IT however cannot provide any insight, insight comes from my heart, my knowing. I experience a certain thing and only i know how it is. I try to convey it, which is ofcourse knowledge but it is not useful to those who have "not experienced IT".
I say that fire burns. If i tell this to a child, who has probably never experienced fire, it doesnot really mean much to him. Being a child, he tries to "know it". Knowing is always of the present, it is experiential, and thus more revealing. Whereas, Knowledge is of the past. Knowledge works in most predictable and high probabilistic cases, but in random, non probabilistic events, it falls Short, way short of its target.
Again the reason is that Knowledge cannot see, Knowing does. Intuition is nothing but knowing an outcome without an effort, coming directly to the answer, it is not logical, it is not linear. It cuts through all clutter, and comes directly to the point of Flux.
Now if someone asks me a query, "Brother, when will i get a job?", my heart responds with an answer. Only Then do i proceed to the Horoscope to get more :"information" on this feeling that i have got.
The first thought, the feeling is nothing but intuition. It is a vibration , a reflection, pure and benign about the event, person. It is non judgemental, it is not at all seeking anything, it is not at all proving anything.,
Heart can see, Head cannot. Intuition is the "SEER", it can see the event directly, unambigiously. Every one of us has that ability to see, only thing is to open our hearts.