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The primal sound AUM has for long captivated the seers and sadhakas alike. AUM is the energy that has manifested itself in all that we see, percieve and feel.

From a Jyotish point of view, AUM has a special meaning

It is well understood that A stands for creative principle, U stands for preservation and M stands for dissolution.

It is commonly understood that a planet in an anti principle house is termed as sad or fallen or in crude terms in an enemy house.

Jyotishi has to understand that there are no enemies, all enemies are within.

For clarity, let us call Own house as self, friend as similar or equi energies and Enemy as energies that are quite opposite to the energies of the concerned planet.

Mars represents the agni Tatwa and moves fast. It represents the determination to get things done. Saturn represents slow moving energies. Generally people have termed them as enemies, but if we stick to the scientific understanding or principles, then we experience that both are opposite energies and thus mars in saturn house, or saturn in martian houses are not really comfortable.

Then one may ask how Mars can get exalted in capricorn. We all know that mars can get his way, he is the Dynamite who can blow up mountains. the Saturniun houses represent that. Thus mars can be quite powerful here, as he gets a chance to prove his superiority over other weaklings of Zodiac.

Thus all planets in own house are in waking state and are useful for creative purposes.

All planets which are in friends houses are useful in preservation and continuity of legacies.

All planets that are in enemies houses can be channelised for transforming things under view.

People might ask how Saturn in cancer has produced so many leaders. Saturn repersents the slow moving energy,. Saturn represents the Vayu tatwa or carrier of information. Saturn represents the Labour class, the masses. Moon in general repesents the active consciousness, or what we call as RAM in computer language. Thus when Saturn is in Cancer, the collective consciousness is affected to a great deal.

Whether for good or for Bad, we can always see major upheavals during Saturns transit in Cancer. People born during this time are influenced by thoughts of their parents who live under such turbulent times.

One can see what had happened during the various Transits of Saturn in Cancer in the last 100 years and guage for themselves the various effects.

It is also well known principle that whatever image a woman thinks during the impregnation, such an image is replicated with the offspring.

There is more to all this interlinkages, which can be discussed in later posts.

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