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 I remember most of the dreams, they are vivid and clear, they give lot of messages, and hints. Most of the dreams suggest our present condition. Since few months i am getting different dreams, where i am missing the ticket of aeroplane, missing train, missing bus, etc. SInce last few days i am flying in planes, and travelling in trains without any problems. WHen i wake up after a dream , i always notice a song or a voice that i heard few months back. We always are so engrossed in gross materialism, that we often fail to notice these little things. THe song that you heard last would be ringing in your head, but when you sleep, you almost slip away from it. And when you wake up, you can almost notice a old song, or a old voice coming back.

All the people in this world, become yogis when they sleep, the etheral body goes out of the system and lies just a few meters above the gross body. Sometimes it undertakes astral  journeys into other realms, other planes of consciousness. Whenever you get dreams of flying, and meeting dead people, dont think it was some wishful dreaming, but you actually met them and came back.

The dreamer can erect or materialise the things that he wants to or chooses to. In normal waking state we are limited by the five physical senses that do not allow us to operate freely. the yogis learn the secret techniques that help them materialise reality and dematerialse them in few seconds.

What is Nazar(drishti) or evil eye. When a person wins a competition, almost all the people get jealous of him and say bad things about him, immediately he suffers and thus elders advice to remove the evil eye through appropriate methods.

This whole process is the conversion of sound(energy) into physical matter. When i say that i will get first rank, or i will do this or do that, most often than not the opposing forces and thoughts obstruct it and make it unviable. But if i get a constant stream of thoughts, i materialise the whole thing very quickly. Doing constant meditation increases intution, and one can increase the range of his radar(intuitive view) to catch people who are approaching us. To illustrate many a times i can visualise a person who is coming to meet me, if he is a stranger, i usually get his features and complexion right. I can also catch people who are close to me, and i know where they are and what they are doing.

So coming back, in dreams, we become yogis, and materialise the thoughts or the sounds or the energies into matter(E=MC square), very quickly as we are not bound.

But a dreamer is a passive yogi, a unconscious yogi, who is not "aware" that he is a yogi.

But a meditator knows that he has entered the yoga state, and he is fully aware of his powers. During dream state, our organs dont stop, but during "Samadhi" the organs stop. This gives a lot of life rejuvenating forces into the tiring system.

But all this can be achieved through proper sadhana and Guidance. WIthout the expert guidance of a competent guru, one should never get into yogic practices. It is better to be a dreaming yogi.

Edgar cayce
18th March 1877
03.00 p.m L.M.T
36 N 50 ' 87 W 30'

12th Lord Moon in 9th house. The area from 9th to 3rd is called the Dream sphere, and 9th house is the starting point of dream state. 9th and 12th houses are quite important for dreaming. Thus much of his fortune is from dreaming!
AL is in Thula Rasi and Moon is in 7th. Interestingly He has Mercury-venus-rahu-Saturn combination in aquarius. Swee was telling me that Venus-saturn can give psychic abilities. Here rahu also adds up with 2nd lord of vision mercury. Venus in saturniun houses, aspected by
rahu or saturn can give psychic experiences i repeat.
Rahu gives more profound results.
Now we can also see That Jupiter is in fifth with mangal. This is a fantastic Raj Yoga and its results were fabulous. There is a Change of Amatya Karaka. Moon is the new AMK replacing Saturn. Saturn rules hospitals, and Moon psychic /menta/.consulting kind of work. The fact that moon is 12th lord meant that his New profession would be that of Dream specialist.