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why seven

Ever wondered why there are seven seas and seven continents. Ever wondered why there are seven swaras or notes, and seven colours. Why there are seven rishis called the sapta rishis.

What i am talking about is not new to many, but this is the foundation of our existence. The pranava Om or the source sound has created everything or rather manifested into whatever we can see or feel.

There are seven chakras in the human body, called the Mooladhara, Swadisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddhi, Agya and Sahasrara.

All the chakras operate for all of us but with varying degrees. For the most in this world, the basic survival in everyday life is very important and thus they are extremely grounded and live from day to day. This is controlled by Mooladhara chakra.

For many wine, women, sex and luxurious things become very important because they are no longer worried about basic survival which they have surpassed. Normally many rich folks are concerned with the so called highly tasteful things which are nothing but mere material gratifications. Forgive me for digressing, but i am not condemning anyone. This is the basic level which many of the people identify with.

There are another class of people, for whom winning and losing is everything, They are the sportsmen, and the politicians. For them the power to control their surroundings is of utmost importance and hence the Manipura chakra becomes very important for them.

After many lives of power, money and survival, man wants more. He is now a mature soul wanting love, and thus the Divine center of Anahata comes into play. Once the man recognises that there is something more to life than the simple material needs, he starts to emanate love, and recieve love. He feels part of the Christ and the Krishna Consciousness.

The next chakra or the Vishuddhi chakra is where the great masterpieces are created. Many great ones such as Mozzart, Beethoven, Tansen etc have transcended the basic levels, and are now exploring the creative and dynamic potential as shown by vishuddhi chakra.

The next level is the Agya chakra where the disciples of spiritual path recieve their command or initiation. Here the pupil wants to merge with God and Chants Om for self Realisaiton. The clairvoyants, the Mystics come under this category.

The last chakra or the Saharara chakra is where the full blown yogi sits. Here the man is no more concerned about who, where what and why. he is the source of Joy, and Joy himself. He has reached a stage what we call the Nirvikalpa Samadhi, or God union.

Any theory be it a management theory of Maslow, or a theory of sport like Cricket finds its roots in the the Sapta chakra.
let me elaborate, when we say that the so called great player has entered the Zone, when he becomes unbeatable, and invincible, he has actually entered what we call the corridoor of Uncertainty or simply put the Sushumna.

The Sushumna nadi, or simply Sushumna is a energy carrier along the spine which carries the energy from the Mooladhara to the Sahasrara. When anybody enters the zone, that is his both nostrils start flowing he comes daring, bold and adventerous. He knows no limits, and he knows what he is doing. We dont hit zone all the times, and it is through regular meditaiton that one can enter the proverbial Zone.

Ofcourse whatever i have quoted is from memory and is not a realised knowledge. I just pray that Lord gives me the power to understand his creation better.

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