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Dialogues of Matrix-Reloaded changed to suit astrology.

Architect:- Welcome Partha sarathy
Partha:- Who are you?
A:- I am the architect of the matrix. Though you are a product of different astro schools, and though your consciousness has been considerably altered by the beatings around the bushes, you irrevocably remain Parasari.
P:- I dont get you, after all the hoo hoo, ha haa, i had to run around the bushes, and fight the various rahus and sanis, i find a guy who was the reason for my delusion.
A:- You are getting confused Partha, you may have dablled in the various groups, but you have not understood the crux of vedic astrology , just like your predecessors
P:- What predecessors, you mean there were different parthas
A:- It is interesting to note your reactions, while the earlier ones displayed general states of autism, you are much more specific in your mad pursuit aka ketu.
P:- Do you know astrology
A:- HAHHAHAHHA, you make me laugh Partha. You are a kid, and i am the grandfather
P:- This is not funny. I have been trying to get to the source, and now i see a old fellow sitting on a arm chair, ranting and raving. It looks like sani season, with sani and rahu beating away the poor Jupiter,.
A:- WHile you may be tempted to think like that, but let me remind you that the source of astrology is as hidden as the nature of a woman.
P:- The problem is of choice?? is it
A: There are two doors, the door to your right leads to the source of astrology, which has the essence of all the teachings, all the hidden secrets. But you cannot get back to teach it to anyone.The door to your left leads you back to the astrology groups, where you discuss children, grandchildren, and marriages, and foreign travels without any fundamental knowledge
P:- Bull shit
A: WHile your answer is not unexpected, it at the same times reveals the grotesqueries of human nature which coupled by insipid inventions like love and harmony which only a human mind can invent
P:- Enough, you have wasted enough time, tell me the final thing, and BTW you did not even give me water!
A: That is allright. So what you are going to do now.
P:- You already know , dont you grandpa??. I am going to the source(ANTICLIMAX)
A:- Hey trinity is waiting for you
P:- I know only one trinity, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva which represent the moveable, fixed and dual signs. Thanks for tempting me. But i dont want Part III, no revolutions for me, reloaded and shut out.

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