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I am also acting as a research provider to another new site, The site is related to Jyotish alone, and there are at present no services on that site. It is at present purely related to Astrology, from basics to advanced concepts. So students amongst you will enjoy that site.

You can contact me from this site, but please be patient, as i can take days to reply, due to other commitments.
If you are in Hyderabad, you can contact me at the following email ID,, and get a personal reading.

If you are interested in me taking up a workshop in your city, then please do the necessary homework, you need to have minimum 10 people. I can come, but it should be planned atleast 6 months in advance. I dont charge for readings, but for workshops, you have to take care of my expenses.

I will teach on variety of topics related to Jyotish, but the topic and everything has to be finalised before hand, as i said previously,

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