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Avasthas Interpretation
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The Sabda AUM is the creative principle or simply put the seed of all
creation. Just like the tree is present in the seed, similary entire
creation is present in this cosmic word.

A-Waking state( Jagrita)
U-Dreaming state( Nidra)
M-Deep sleep ( Sushupta).

All the planets represent the various energies with respect to the 7
important chakras which are
a) Sahasrara
b) Ajna
c) Visuddhi
d) Anahata
e) Manipura
f) Swadhisthana
g) Mooladhara

If you have read the BPHS, and other texts the Saptamsa(D-7) has got the 7 rasas, such as dadhi, ksheera, mada etc. All these are related to the seven charkas/seven planets The seven planets represent the seven colours/sapta swara/sapta samudra etc, and I have talked about them earlier also.

Now coming to states, the various energies are like electrons revolving around the core nucleus consisting of Atma/Paramatma

(The fact that Heisenberg has proved that photons behave both like matter and energy proves that the world is a dualistic world, consisting of Purusha/.Prakriti.)

Now the Sayanadi avasthas such as bhojana/Prakasana/Nidra/Sayana/
Agamana/Gamana represent the various states of planetary activities.
To put it simply people might ask how a malefic can be bad in Bhojana avastha to the body?
Now malefics such as Saturn and Mars represent the decay and Destruction respectively. So when their main activity is Bhojana, it means that Vata(Saturn) or Pitta(Mars, digestive energy in stomach) is overactive and hence the body is getting paralysed and effected
subsequently. Sayana may mean meditative state and thus Parasara said that benefics in Sayana are good. Even though the normal meaning of Sayana is lying down, if we dig deep, we understand that Sayana means
Meditation. And we know benefics still are better than panting and running(Remember ati chara example?)

Similary we have to understand all the Sayanadi avasthas. We have to remember that fiery planets do well when in the starting degrees, Saturn in later degrees and Jupiter/.venus in middle part of
rasis. This has to do with their natural energies.

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